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Zinc Alloy Die Casting
Process: Zinc Alloy Die Casting
Material: Zinc Alloy
Thickness: Up to requirements
Plating: Gold / Antique Gold / Silver / Antique Silver / Nickel / Black Nickel / Antique Nickel / Copper / Antique Copper / Brass / Antique Brass / Dyed Black
Epoxy coating: With or without
Attachment Various
Color reference: Pantone Color Chart
STEP 1 Making the Mold
Computerized system is used to engrave your design on to the mold surface.
STEP 2 Injection
Material injected in to the mold
STEP 3 Elimination
On completion of injection, waste material is eliminated to reveal the completed design.
STEP 4 Attachment
The back attachment is spot welded on to each piece.
STEP 5 Polishing
The surface of the metal is polished until smooth.
STEP 6 Plating
Various plating colors can now be processed. The quality of plating varied with the length of time the metal is inmersed in the plating solution.
STEP 7 Coloring
The design indentations are carefully hand-filled one color at a time using different size syringes, and placed to dry. This process requires a high degree of skill in keeping each color and the right amount of enamel in the designated area to prevent defective workmanship.
STEP 8 Inspection and Packing
All items are strictly inspected before delivery. Customer's satisfaction is guaranteed!

For 3D items, please offer the artwork with front and side view.

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