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  /  26 June 2004

Trade Sources Gift and Houseware

A mix of ideas and tecnology

Scorpion enriches the metal pin market with products of sparkling designs

Scorpion emphasizes innovation and technology in the production of metal pins. With offset pad-printing machines adopted, it is able to realize colourful designs on its products.

Scorpion adopts the CNC engraving machine for producing 3-D metal and PCV products.

Founded originally in Taiwan in 1987, the now Hong Kong based Scorpion Precision Industry (H.K.) Co., Ltd. Engages in the manufacturing business of metal and PVC items such as pins, key chains, medals and coins, to name a few. About 99% of its goods are exported worldwide with major markets in the US and Europe.

Striving for innovation of pins is considered a traditional and less design-oriented industry

According to Sales Manager Johanna Cheng of Scorpion, however, they have been working hard to create sparking designs. She stressed, they adopt up-to-date technology from overseas to enhance its production capability, hence they are capable of producing breakthrough products such as Freedee PVC products. "We introduced a technique from France to enhance our production process. This turns the traditional products to be modern and fashionable," said she. In addition to moulding, the company is also equipped with the advanced CNC engraving machine for carving the dies and toolings for 3-D modeling.

Scorpion runs a 9,000-square-metre factory in Zhomgshan, Guangdong, China. This is a shot of the factory inside.

Furthermore, apart from the generally adopted silk-screen printing, the company employs offset pad-printing to facilitate the full color printing process of metal items. "The offset pad-printing machine was imported from Japan. It enables us to produce gradual color effects and photo color effects on the enameled areas," said Mr. Cheng.

Stay close to market friends in different areas

Besides new technology, the company also attends to R and D, carrying out regular market surveys in order to keep the latest information and follow the market trend closely. It has released items which combine metal and plastic materials together. "We always try to breakthrough the chic of existing items, such as the metal-and-plastic-combined items, which are rare in the market, and the keep developing more new items and present them to our customers," revealed Mr. Cheng.

"We don't have our own design team, but we have freelance designers in different areas to help us create new styles. This lets us know what people like in different locations worldwide."

Scorpion has a new product line called Generic Items, of which more them 200 new designs have been released up to this moment of the year. "Our target is to achieve 500 new designs, in total, by the end of this year," said Mr. Cheng.

Scorpion's new product line Generic Items.

Best services; superior quality

The current market favours high-end quality yet low-end price. Sticking to the principle of "Things that deserve to be done, deserve to be well done!", Scorpion has been committed to serving the customer with the best services. "We always try to offer prompt delivery to our customers. We also provide post-sale services to our customers as well. If our customers found that our produced did not follow their requirements for production, we would reproduce the item without any charges," claimed Mr. Cheng.

Scorpion is a factory approved by Disney and BMW. The quality of products is ensured by using Taiwanese, Japanese and French raw materials.

Energetic workforce for future plans

Scorpion takes part in trade shows and exhibitions for a worldwide exposure, including the Premium Show 2003 in Dubai.

Mr. Cheng added, the majority of the workforce in Scorpion is in the young adult generation, so they are energetic in creating new ideas as well as developing the company. In order to strengthen its position in the market, Scorpion also keeps on promoting itself by participating in trade shows and exhibitions worldwide, advertising in trade magazines, releasing up-to-date information on its corporate websites and by word of month.

"We participate in more than 10 trade shows and exhibitions worldwide per year," claimed Mr. Cheng. "Our target is to make us one of the best corporations within the industry."

The company is expanding its production base Mainland China. A new factory is under construction and expected to be in use in two to three years. It is also considering establishing its own design team in future.

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